Why Rent From Alert Property Management?

In today’s economy, qualifying to buy a house can be a challenge. It is often much easier to rent, so you do not have to worry about the bank’s rules and regulations. You can just choose a great house and let us help you through the application and move-in process. Then you have a wonderful place to live, where you feel safe, secure, and at home.
At Alert Management Company, you are not a number! You are a valued client, who has dreams, wants, needs, and goals just like everyone else. Whether you plan to stay with us for the long term, or your rental needs are much more temporary, we have options for you to choose from. From new clients to longtime residents, we focus on your needs so we can ensure that you have complete satisfaction with your rental experience.

Alert Management Company boasts more than 50 years of providing clean and safe homes throughout Ventura County. We take pride in the condition of our rental properties, and we know you will take pride in your new rental home, as well.