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Our business success comes from communicating with our tenants, owners, and prospects. Please feel free to reach out with any comments or questions you may have about what we do and what we can offer. We want to hear from you!

Mary Schmenk, Senior Property Manager

(805) 351-2355 or Ext. 236

Kadhine Vazquez-Navarro, Property Manager / Realtor

(805) 351-2354 or Ext. 777

Sierra Mangubat, Accounting

(805) 351-2353 or Ext. 248

David M. Covarrubias, Realtor

(805) 487-3838 or Ext. 888

Kimberly Vasquez, Property Management Assistant

(805) 475-9270 or Ext. 807

Joanna Morales, Property Management Assistant

(805) 819-3919 or Ext. 705

Jerry Reyes, Customer Service

(805) 487-3838